Leikkimökki valmistuu

Pihapiiriin on valmistumassa leikkimökki. Se on puussa ja takana on liukumäki. Klikkaa kuvaa suuremmaksi.

Playhouse will be ready soon! It is in a tree and has also a slide at the back. Click the photo to enlarge

Kolme ilmastoitua huonetta

mitsuPäärakennuksen yläkerrassa on ilmastointi. Myös luhtiaitassa on ilmalämpöpumppu ja sisäyksiköt huoneissa 2 ja 3. Helpotusta helteeseen saat myös, kun pulahdat Oulujoen viileisiin aaltoihin omasta rannastamme!

Air conditioning in three rooms.

Theme of the month – USA

We have had several guests from USA and Canada during previous years. From Arizona, Colorado, Michigan and Oregon. This month also from Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Most of our American guests come here to look for their roots; from several farms from Muhos has people immigrated to USA. Laukanranta hostess is also a genealogist, the chairman of Oulu Genealogical Society. She can help to research your ancestors and act as a guide and interpreter. See all of the countries we have had guests from. Check also Laitasaari village history site.

Aurora borealis

Revontulet 07102015_mustonen_sLast winter was excellent for observing aurora borealis. This photo has been taken by Jani Mustonen in Muhos – click to enlarge. Thanks Jani!

The lights can be seen even in August, if you have good luck!